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3D Crystal Lamp Ball(Assorted Design)

3D Crystal Lamp Ball(Assorted Design)

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  1. Incorporating a Lumina Galaxy™️  into your living space can bring a touch of magic and tranquility to your love life, offering both aesthetic and psychological benefits.

    Welcome to the Lumina Galaxy Experience™️
    Unite Beauty and Science with Our Milky Way Crystal Ball - a Breathtaking Combination of Art and Light, Revealing a Universe of Wonder!

    3D Crystal Ball Night Light - Laser Carved Holographic Galaxy Planet Model  Projection LED Lamp

    Enhance your living or work space with a meticulously constructed 3D Crystal Lamp Ball in various designs. Etched using advanced computerized laser technology, this crystal globe is a great addition to any environment. Gaze into this crystal ball and witness the stunning Moon suspended in a self-contained universe within.

    • Expertly crafted spherical crystal ball made of high quality glass.
    • The 3D Crystal Lamp Ball(Assorted Design) projects a one-of-a-kind design on the ceiling while producing a beautiful melody.
    • The crystal ball is illuminated for 8 to 12 hours after being charged by an inset light.
    • This 3D Crystal Lamp Ball features a variety of laser-engraved designs including the Moon, Milky Way galaxy, and more.
    • This exquisite item adds a distinctive touch to any setting, making it a stunning decorative accent.
    • This set includes a base, one USB cable, and an LED light base for complete functionality.


    • 10 CM * 12 CM
    • K9 Crystal
    • Transparent 


    🌙 Enhanced Atmosphere: Enhance your living space by creating a whimsical and serene atmosphere with the 3D Crystal Lamp Ball (Assorted Design).
    🌌 3D Cosmic Magic:Discover a breathtaking universe of stars and planets inside a translucent, crystal-clear ball featuring a mesmerizing 3D pattern.

     Warm and Romantic Lighting: The warm soft glow of the 3000k lighting creates a charming atmosphere, ideal for relaxing after a tiring day or setting the tone for important events.

    LED Crystal Table Lamp USB 3D Moon Galaxy Globe Night Light Xmas Decor Gif  D0Z1 | eBay


    🌟 Reliable Craftsmanship : Experience unparalleled quality with our K9 crystal ball. Utilizing advanced 3D laser engraving technology, our crystal balls are free from impurities, scratches, and bubbles, ensuring a flawless appearance.

    🌌 Introducing the Marvel: Discover the enchantment of the Lumina Galaxy™️ with an 80mm crystal ball that exudes long-lasting radiance, captivating even with extended use.

    ✨ The Palette of Dreams : Enhance your environment with Lumina Galaxy™️ Crystal Ball Lamp, offering 16 captivating colors and 4 modes. Effortlessly adjust the ambiance using the provided remote control or connect the USB cable for a powerful experience.

    3D Galaxy Planet Moon Lamp with USB LED for Home Decoration – Katy Craft

    🌈 Symphony of Light and Art :This crystal-clear ball serves as more than just a night light; it showcases 3D planet patterns and emits a gentle, warm glow that turns your room into a tranquil haven - a stunning addition that exudes cosmic sophistication.


    Our Galaxy Crystal Ball Night Light is a unique decorative lighting piece, showcasing a combination of artistry, craftsmanship, and innovative design for a standout look.

    The 3D Crystal Lamp Ball(Assorted Design) is not simply a lamp - it's a gateway to the universe, with its minimalist design.allowing you to bask in the splendor of the universe from the comfort of your home.

    Indulge in the Cosmos Crystal Experience - Elevate Your Space, Illuminate Your Imagination. 🚀✨


    What you will get

    Each purchase comes bundled with a symphony of delights

    - 1 Crystal Ball
    - 1 USB Cable
    - 1 LED Light Base
    - 1 Remote Control & a Microfibre Cleaning Cloth for easy upkeep.

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